Sunday, June 07, 2009

I'm on the verge of starting to blog again.....should I? or am I too busy? I have put my little blog off into a corner while I pursued other avenues such as working a full-time job. In the interim, I now have a full-fledged teenager, and all the angst that goes with that. I have a 2-year old beagle who is into everything, I have an ailing father whose precious heart is just struggling to pump blood to his vital organs every day, etc., etc.

I have become addicted to Facebook, and in the process have reconnected with some wonderful folks from high school. Three of them and I even had a weekend getaway that was so unbelievably fun and invigorating that we have decided to make it at least an annual, if not semi-annual event.

I am still battling diabetes....I guess once you have it, it never just "goes away". While I know losing weight would probably take away most of the problem, the medications I must take only make it that much harder to lose the weight. Just a vicious cycle. I am now on insulin, Levemir, once a day, and if it helps me feel better, then I'm all for it.

This is a discombobulated post, but I just had a yen to visit my old blog and dust it off and post something.