Saturday, June 02, 2007

Beautiful Medical Alert Jewelry?

I always equated medical ID bracelets with the boring steel chain link bracelets my granny used to wear. Not anymore! When I was diagnosed with diabetes last year, I knew with the medication I was on that I needed an ID bracelet simply because there were times when my blood sugars would get too low and I would feel light-headed and not so great. I thought, why should I have to wear some hideous artifact just to tell people I have this disease? It's not that I am ashamed of it, but I do have a right to look stylish, right? So I started my search on the internet and found a few great sites that sell pretty ID bracelets. My favorite by far was . They have a great selection of beaded bracelets, as well as more sporty options such as dog tags, velcro bands, braided leather, and even styles for men. I purchased the small fun glass bracelet since it has so many different colors. What is neat is how you can interchange the ID tag with different styles of bracelets. The prices were great, there are things on sale all the time, and they do offer regular, non-medical bracelets as well. Just thought I'd share!

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How clever! This is WAY prettier than the plain bracelets.