Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lies, All Lies, I Tell Ya!

Little Sparky had his "snip snip" surgery last week and I'm thinking I'm going to get back this sweet little docile creature who wants nothing more than to have his belly rubbed and to curl up contentedly beside me as I read or watch TV. I mean, they tell you in all the literature and on web sites it calms them down, right? UMMMMM, WRONG! The little booger came back more hyper than before. In the last few days he's decided that carpet tastes good, in addition to his diet of Southern Living magazines and Q-tips. I thought he had enough fiber, but apparently not. Let's see, he got into a can of Sprite and as it rolled down the hall toward the living room spewing liquid all over the place from a puncture he inflicted on the can, Sparky could only look at me innocently as he trotted off to find more trouble to get into.
Sigh...Oh well, he's only five months old, so maybe he will slow down eventually. I'm not sure my home will survive it. He's so darn cute, though.


Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Oh my!!!!!
Sparky sounds like my Sammy!!! But how can you be mad at him with that cute little innocent face!!!!!
I would tell you that they calm down when they get older, but I'd be telling a big one!!!


Childishcouture said...

How sparky is too too precious!!!! He looks like a spit fire!

DLS Designs said...

He is so cute. How did you decide what kind of dog to get? I have been thinking about getting a puppy. I am a fellow Etsy Blogger and found you on the Etsy Ring.
Check out My Blog!

Wendy said...

Thanks, Diane! I had a part-beagle growing up and he lived to be about 15. He was the best little fellow a girl could ask for, so I really wanted a beagle when we decided to get a dog. I did some research and that breed is extremely good with children. They don't get to be more than about 30 pounds, they have short hair and are basically house dogs. All they really want to do is be with you and snuggle and play. I am hoping at some point when he is an adult to train him as a therapy dog. My dad has Alzheimer's and I would love to be able to take him to nursing homes to help elderly people. Good luck in your search for a dog! I'm off to visit your blog now!