Friday, August 10, 2007

Time for School!

Summer flew by and now it is time for my son to begin middle school. He started yesterday and decided to ride the bus to school since it comes at a decent hour, unlike last year when it came at a ridiculous 6:45 a.m. I managed to capture a shot of him on his way to the bus. He looks unhappy, but that's just his "good-grief-why-are-you taking-a-picture-of-me" look.

He told me that there were high school cheerleaders in the lobby helping the kids get their schedules and find their classes. When he had to approach one for help, she smiled and said, "You're cute!". He was absolutely mortified and said to me, "Mom, that's just WRONG!" I said, "Well, did you think she was cute too?", to which he replied, "Duh! She's a cheerleader!"


They grow so fast. I can't even bring myself to post a picture I have of him at 3 1/2 when I took him to his first mother's morning out class and he was standing in the parking lot with his little blue backpack and plaid shorts. I find myself wishing he were little just for a day so I can hold him in my arms and smell that sweet baby smell again. But I have to confess it is nice having him old enough to do for himself a bit. And he still wants a hug in the morning and he still will share secrets with me, so for that I am grateful.

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