Sunday, August 26, 2007

The numbers are in.....

and they are not good. I received a call from my doctor stating that my A1C for the previous three months was 7.9, up from 7.1 four months ago. I had been trying the Byetta injections, but it made me so nauseous that I abandoned it. So now she has put me on Januvia along with my Metformin, and hopefully that will help my blood sugars.

I found the most awesome site for diabetics! It is, which is a site that helps you keep track of your blood sugars. It's more than simply a log though. I can get an average of what my blood sugars are for not only the day, but up to a year! The paid subscription apparently allows you to track and manage your foods and activities, but I am simply using the free service right now. For some reason I get annoyed at having to write my numbers down in a log book when I am testing, not to mention the fact that it really does not give me a good average of what my sugars are, so this little tool is awesome.

Here's hoping now that school is in session I can get back to a more normal activity and dietary regimen. Having diabetes really stinks!

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Jus Shar Designs said...

My sugar has been up for a bit now. I've been trying to get it under control with diet, but it's SO not working. I don't want to go on meds for it, but I'm afraid it's heading that way.

Thanks for the info about the website!