Saturday, August 18, 2007

Baby Bib Recall

I came across this news story on Fox News and thought the story needed to be spread. Apparently there are a certain number of baby bibs on their shelves that are being recalled due to the presence of lead in them. Here's the article....,2933,293655,00.html

A wonderful alternative to these store-bought baby bibs are handmade boutique baby bibs, which can be found on both ebay and Etsy. I myself have made a few, but there are an abudance on either site if you just do a search for them. You can find some gorgeous ones that are truly functional. They may be a bit more pricey than the store-bought ones, but they are all completely washable and would last a long time. Besides, I'm pretty sure none of them are TOXIC for your babies.


Frazzled Mom said...

All these story regarding lead in toys and such is really scary...and sad. Thanks for sharing.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Wow, thanks for the info. I had no idea.