Thursday, December 13, 2007

For you organizational junkies out there....

I just came across the site , and I am IN LOVE! I am one of these folks who could spend hours in an office supply store looking at anything and everything that can help organize my life. Of course, looking at my desk you would never know it, but the desire is there. I just ordered myself a gift for under the tree (I have to do it, or it won't get done!), the Pepperpot Internet Journal. This is the coolest notebook! I have a stack of post-it notes, each with a website that I either shop from or pay my bills at. It looks tacky and messy, and this notebook will be the perfect way to corral all that information in one neat, cute little package.

The cost is only $8.95, and it's adorable to boot! I think I'll splurge and have it gift wrapped. When it comes in, I'll present it to my husband and tell him he just bought me something.

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thedomesticdiva said...

SeeJaneWork is AWESOME! I've yet to order from them because I want almost all their stuff and I'd surely break the bank...KWIM?

With friendship,